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"I Will, Overcome, Be Strong & Keep on Keeping On"


Women It's Our Time to Be Elevated, As We “Take A Leap Of Faith”, and Trust God Because He Is Pushing Us To Our Next Level! Released an Encouragement Ministry Presents the “Take A Leap Of Faith” Women’s Encouragement Teleconference. Join on the call for Prayer and to Hear Words of Encouragement that God has given Keisha “Been Released” Wade. I pray that as you hear the Word go forth that You will Be Uplift and Encourage as You Seek God And Use Your Gifts that God has Blessed You With! If you have a prayer request click on the "Prayer Request" Button on my website. Join us Every First Sunday Of Each Month @ 9pm EST by calling in at

267-807-9601 Access Code: 354-608-968. 

This Women's Teleconference is FREE

Love Offering or Sow a Seed Into The Ministry of Released


Take A Leap of Faith Women's Encouragement

Teleconference Recordings

Click on the link below

I Decree And Declare I'm Next Series 2 

I Decree And Declare I'm Next Series 1   

Believe In Yourself, And Enjoy

 Who God Created You To Be

Don't Give Up

God Is Not Done Blessing You

This Is Your Winning & Victory Season